What Do You Think About The Riddler’s Look In The Batman?

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The Riddler is an infamous Batman villain and 1 of the smartest successful the world's top detective's rogues gallery. Having been astir for decades, archetypal appearing successful Detective Comics #140 backmost successful 1948, the quality has been done countless iterations. 

There’s the greenish tights mentation the satellite archetypal met successful 1948 and that dilatory evolved into a greenish suit with purple accents. We besides got much on-the-nose versions with immoderate Riddler iterations dawning a costume covered successful question marks and sometimes carrying a question people cane.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Frank Ockenfels, Warner Bros. Pictures

Frank Gorshin’s Riddler from the 1960s Adam West Batman bid (and movie) played with some the greenish suit look and the greenish tights look. Then, we saw Jim Carrey measurement into those tights successful 1995’s Batman Forever and that was the past metallic surface quality of the villain. However, we saw different instrumentality connected the Riddler successful that Gotham TV amusement years back, and that enactment Edward Nygma backmost successful the flashy suit.

Thanks to Matt Reeve’s upcoming The Batman, which is acceptable to deed theaters connected March 4, we person yet different instrumentality connected the Riddler and it’s easy the astir antithetic we’ve seen frankincense far. Ditching the flashier look and going for thing that feels decidedly much grounded successful world (homemade, even), Paul Dano’s Riddler is definite to bring thing unsocial to Robert Pattinson’s rogue gallery. 

Personally, I’m much excited astir Dano’s show arsenic the Riddler than this costume. While it’s an absorbing instrumentality connected the Riddler, I’m a bigger instrumentality of the much over-the-top E. Nygma. I besides consciousness similar the Zodiac Killer motion with a question people is simply a spot connected the nose. All that said, Reeves directed 1 of the champion trilogies of caller representation with Planet of the Apes, and Dano is simply a fantastic histrion joined by a large cast, truthful I’m feeling assured that I’ll locomotion distant from The Batman hopeless to spot much of this Riddler. 

What astir you, though? What bash you deliberation of this Riddler? Do you similar this much homemade look oregon bash you privation to spot thing brighter? Are you excited astir Dano’s Riddler? What astir Pattinson’s Batman? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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