Jim Acosta: Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Are Attempting to Rehab Their Image But They’re Going to Fail

2 years ago 1951

For years, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump dedicated their time to holding fundraisers and helping Democrats get elected. When Ivanka’s Dad decided to run as a Republican, they both became key advisers in his White House.

Kushner and Trump previously lived the high life in New York City. But thanks to the Trump’s wild unpopularity in the Northeast, they’ve now relocated to Florida.

This morning, CNN published an article about the couple attempting to rehab their image by distancing themselves from Donald Trump. Anchor Jim Acosta said Wednesday night that the strategy isn’t likely to work.

The host began, “It is interesting that they try to distance themselves from Donald Trump because he could use a family intervention right now with the crazy conspiracy theories he is glomming onto.”

Acosta continued:

“This sounds like a rehab tour on their part to rehabilitate the image somewhat because, as we know, they’re not welcomed in polite society as they once were. They were there for the ugly end to it all. Where are they now to say that what happened on January 6 was an absolute disaster for this country? They haven’t done that, and how can they possibly separate themselves from the former president until they do?”


Donald Trump may not be in the spotlight much longer considering his legal issues and health concerns. Kushner and Ivanka seem desperate to find a way to remain in the public eye.

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