Sega Opens New Studio Led By Former Phantasy Star Online 2 Producer

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Sega has announced that it has established a caller workplace called Sega Sapporo Studio. 

This workplace was formally created connected December 1, 2021, arsenic a “second improvement basal successful Japan,” arsenic archetypal reported by Gematsu. Sapporo was established to absorption connected caller bundle improvement and debugging. It volition beryllium led by erstwhile Phantasy Star Online 2 main shaper Takaya Segawa, who was promoted to a elder firm presumption for Sega successful April of past year. 

“Under the argumentation of continuing to instrumentality connected the situation of creating adjacent much innovative contented and providing the satellite with caller and breathtaking experiences, we volition usage the know-how that Sega has accumulated implicit its agelong past to enactment successful the improvement of amusement that we volition contiguous to the satellite from the charismatic metropolis of Sapporo,” Segawa said, arsenic translated by Video Games Chronicle. “Sega Sapporo Studio volition strive to supply a moving acquisition to customers, and to make a workplace that values its staff.” 

As the sanction suggests, Sapporo is located successful the metropolis of Sapporo and the workplace volition prosecute locally to physique a unit dedicated to designing, programming, and debugging crippled software. Sapporo is not requiring each of its workers to relocate to the Sapporo-based office as Gematsu reports that “Sega hopes to grow employment opportunities for those who would similar to enactment successful their autochthonal prefecture.” 

As expected with the instauration of a caller studio, Sapporo already has a website, which tin beryllium viewed here. VGC notes that Sega has aggregate in-house improvement studios similar Sonic Team and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio (Yakuza, Judgment), but that they each enactment retired of Sega’s main improvement basal successful Tokyo. Sapporo volition service arsenic different improvement basal akin to the original. 

For much astir Sega, work astir how it and Microsoft created a “strategic alliance” to make “large-scale planetary games” successful November of past year, and past check retired the latest trailer for Sonic Frontiers. Read astir however Sonic Frontiers was primitively owed retired successful 2021 for the series’ 30th anniversary aft that. 

[Source: Gematsu]

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