New Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Trailer Showcases The Dangers Of Savanthun’s Throne World

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Bungie revealed mode backmost successful 2020 that Savathûn, the sister of Oryx from Destiny’s The Taken King, would beryllium getting her ain expansion and past year, the workplace revealed that our guardians would beryllium taking connected The Witch Queen travel February

With February 22 close astir the corner, Bungie’s selling for the upcoming Destiny 2 enlargement has been ramping up and today, the institution released a trailer each astir the caller exploration country successful it: Savathûn’s Throne World. As seen successful different trailers, Savathûn is simply a large instrumentality of thing with a acheronian hue of greenish and her throne satellite is nary different. However, each is not arsenic it seems determination arsenic Savathûn considers the country to fundamentally beryllium an hold of her mind. 

“Tell me, ohio honored guest,” Savathûn says successful the trailer. “Why would you privation to escape? This Throne World is indistinguishable from my ain mind, Guardian. Every measurement taken, each slug fired, I support and number them all. It’s not excessively precocious to crook around.” 

That’s not foreboding astatine all…

As you tin spot successful the trailer above, the Throne World looks rather unsocial compared to different places we’ve visited successful Destiny 2, with a chiseled fearfulness consciousness to it all. It besides looks rather diverse, too, which is exciting. The trailer’s statement mentions Savathûn’s “glistening palace” and “gnarled roots successful the swamp” truthful it sounds similar there’s a travel up of america earlier really reaching Savathûn’s Throne. 

We’ll each larn much erstwhile The Witch Queen hits Destiny 2 connected February 22. 

While waiting for this expansion, cheque retired Game Informer’s Lore Refresher connected Savathûn and past work astir however you’ll request need the integer deluxe variation of The Witch Queen to play done its dungeons, little you privation to acquisition them separately. Watch this narrative-focused trailer for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen released backmost successful December aft that. 

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