Lego Delays Overwatch 2 Set Due To Ongoing Activision Blizzard Controversy

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Lego has delayed the upcoming merchandise of its Lego Overwatch 2 Titan acceptable arsenic a effect of the ongoing Activision Blizzard controversy. 

This quality comes by mode of TheBrickFan, which reports that Lego is pausing the merchandise of the acceptable successful bid to reappraisal its concern with Activision Blizzard successful airy of allegations against the institution and enactment within. The latest of said contention was revealed backmost successful December erstwhile a current Blizzard worker said successful a property league that she was demoted aft filing an HR ailment astir intersexual harassment. Here’s Lego’s authoritative connection regarding the indefinite delay:

“We are presently reviewing our concern with Activision Blizzard, fixed concerns astir the advancement being made to code continuing allegations regarding workplace culture, particularly the attraction of pistillate colleagues and creating a divers and inclusive environment. While we implicit the review, we volition intermission the merchandise of a Lego Overwatch 2 product which was owed to spell connected merchantability connected February 1, 2022.” 

This determination by Lego indispensable person travel successful the last hr due to the fact that the Overwatch 2 Titan acceptable was owed retired precise soon. With little than 3 weeks to go, it wouldn’t beryllium astonishing if these boxes were already being sent to retailers earlier today. 

There’s nary connection connected erstwhile this acceptable volition beryllium released oregon erstwhile Lego’s reappraisal of its concern with Activision Blizzard volition beryllium complete. 

[Source: TheBrickFan]

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