How To Write And Publish A Press Release For A New Product Launch

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When you're launching a new product or service, it's important to get the word out. One way to do this is through an official press release. A business press release is a formal document that lets journalists know about your upcoming launch and what they can expect from it. It also gives them information about who wrote it and why they feel qualified to speak on behalf of their company (or themselves).

Get started on a new release by putting the date in the top left-hand corner, following with the city and state where your company is located. Your press release should be an unbiased description of something newsworthy that has happened or is going to happen at your company.

To get started on a new release, put the date in the top left-hand corner, followed by the city and state where your company is located. Your press release should be an unbiased description of something newsworthy that has happened or is going to happen at your company.

The main goal here is to make sure that you are writing about something interesting enough for reporters who cover this type of content to want to cover it (and not just write about what happened yesterday). This could mean talking about an upcoming product launch or event, but also giving background information on why this event matters for your business overall.

Our press release template has two columns on it, which makes it ideal for including information like the contact information of your organization on the left, while providing additional information, like quotes or a main title, on the right.

We recommend using a font size about one-third smaller than what you would normally use for your body text. This will ensure that all of your text is easy to read from across a room or at other reading distances.

Above all else, a press release must provide valuable information that a journalist or publication would choose to publish. It can't be a sales pitch.

  • Make sure your press release for business is informative and well written. If you have everything to say in one sentence, then say it! Don't waste time with flowery language or unnecessary adjectives; just get down to business and give the reader what they need most: facts about your product launch (or whatever).

  • Make sure your press release is relevant to the publication or journalist you're sending it to—if not, ask them why they should care about what you have to say! For example: "We're launching our new line of high-end vodka infused with local berries" doesn't exactly appeal much beyond bartenders who love berries (and maybe their customers too). However, "Our new line features blueberries from Maine grown on our farm" would make sense if there were enough people who wanted vodkas made from blueberries growing next door—and those people might even be interested in purchasing some themselves!

Here's an example of how to write about your product in a way that will interest journalists and get them to share it with their audience. We've included some notes as well.

  • Quote from the founder: The founder of our company has been working on this project for years, so we're excited that he can finally bring it to market!

  • Quote from a customer: "I love my new ________ product because it does _________." (Insert your desired feature here.) This customer was so happy with his purchase that he/she wrote an email telling us all about it! He/she also gave us permission to publish this letter verbatim, which is why we're able to use it here.

You're probably already familiar with our company (or you wouldn't be reading this). Here's what we do and why it matters.

We've created a new, simple product that solves a problem for people trying to promote their brand on social media—and it's also effective at getting results for our clients! If you want to learn more about the benefits of using our services, check out our website at [website link].

Next, provide further details about your company's mission here (up to 200 words). This section is great for describing your company in a little more detail. Be sure to focus on one key topic (such as your launch announcement) rather than trying to mention everything you do in this section.

Include a link to your website in this paragraph, as well as contact information so readers can get in touch with you if they have any questions or feedback! You might also include a brief description of what exactly it is that you're launching—this will help people understand what value they're getting when they buy into it.


We've provided a sample business press releases so you can get started, but remember that writing one is an art unto itself. Your goal is to write something that will interest readers and get them talking about it. Of course, you'll also want to make sure it's grammatically correct and contains no typos! If at all possible, get someone else to review your work before sending it out into the world—that way you'll know if there are any problems lurking within its pages.

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