Halo Infinite: Big Team Battle Fix Coming Soon, February Patch To Address Cheating

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If you’ve been playing Halo Infinite, you’re apt alert that the game’s fashionable 12v12 mode, Big Team Battle, tin beryllium rather breached nether definite circumstances. 

If you’re playing solo oregon with 1 different friend, launching into a lucifer is overmuch easier than launching into 1 with a larger squad. If you autumn into the second camp, there’s a bully accidental you can’t adjacent get into a lucifer due and portion 343 Industries attempted to get this contented mitigated earlier the studio’s vacation break, it wasn’t capable to get it wholly fixed. According to a caller post-holiday interruption Halo Infinite blog post, a hole is coming soon. 

“As you know, we’ve been dealing with immoderate frustrating issues with BTB astir since motorboat and contempt a fewer attempts astatine solving and mitigating earlier the vacation break, we were not capable to get this fixed,” the blog station reads. “While BTB has remained playable, determination are matchmaking issues that summation with much players and larger fireteams person a debased accidental of successfully joining into a crippled together.” 

The station states that a onslaught unit worked connected this contented implicit the vacation interruption and that now, the squad is assured it has a hole successful manus for the halfway issue. That hole went into QA past week and it’s seemingly looking affirmative arsenic the squad is “not seeing this contented hap internally utilizing this build.” 

“Next steps are to proceed investigating and past determination into the certification process arsenic we hole to merchandise a blistery fix/patch for this issue,” the blog station continues. “It’s a small excessively soon to springiness an ETA yet but delight cognize our extremity is to merchandise this arsenic soon arsenic we tin portion ensuring it doesn’t person immoderate different unintended interaction to the retail product. It won’t beryllium this week, but we anticipation it’s not excessively overmuch further out and we’ll stock an update arsenic soon arsenic we person a enactment of show connected a merchandise day (once we wide ‘cert’ we are past acceptable to ship).” 

343 Industries besides addressed immoderate different topics and issues players person been discussing arsenic of late, namely cheating. In short, the squad is alert of instances of cheating happening successful Halo Infinite and it’s moving connected a mid-February spot to code this and different things. More details astir it volition beryllium shared person to the patch’s release. 

“Thank you for your patience and continued support,” the blog finishes. “While we were blown distant and humbled by the reception and motorboat of Halo Infinite, we’ve got a batch to get aft present arsenic a unrecorded work studio. We volition proceed to marque improvements and code feedback everyplace we tin – though immoderate things are going to instrumentality much clip than galore of you, and us, would like. Thank you – delight support the feedback coming – we’re successful this unneurotic with a large instauration to turn and germinate upon. Stay tuned for much details.” 

While waiting for these blistery fixes and patches to spell live, cheque retired our thoughts connected the crippled successful Game Informer’s Halo Infinite review and past work astir why 1 Game Informer exertion thinks Halo Infinite’s Grapple Shot is simply a crippled changer. Check retired this communicative astir a Halo Infinite subordinate who won much than 100 consecutive free-for-all matches aft that. 

Are you excited for these fixes connected the way? What bash you anticipation to spot addressed successful the future? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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