Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 Update Brings Lightning And Tornadoes To The Battle Royale

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Epic Games’ latest update for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 is live, and it brings with it tornadoes and lightning for players to debar (or usage to their advantage) successful the conflict royale. 

Not astatine each dissimilar the stormy upwind featured successful EA Dice’s latest release, Battlefield 2042, players tin usage these caller tornadoes to traverse the conflict royale representation rapidly by simply hopping in. You’ll cognize a tornado is connected the way, too, arsenic it’ll swirl successful the entity archetypal earlier touching down. 

“If you spot a tornado commencement to form, that’s nary awesome to flee,” a property merchandise astir the v19.01 update reads. “Instead, tally into it arsenic a swirling flight strategy. You’ll rotation circular and circular ‘til you take to glide to information – oregon if you enactment spinning agelong capable – ‘til the twister spits you out. Don’t worry: you won’t instrumentality autumn harm if you get hurled.” 

Tornadoes aren’t each that’s caller successful Fortnite, though – lightning has joined the fray. 

“If you see a acheronian unreality commencement to form, that’s not needfully a awesome to fly either,” Epic Games says successful a property release. “Sure, the lightning from it deals a tiny magnitude of harm (and sets the surrounding country connected fire), but the powerfulness of its daze gives players a impermanent velocity boost.”

If you’re looking to summation your accidental of getting struck by lightning, leap into a assemblage of h2o beneath a unreality oregon scope the highest constituent of onshore beneath a storm. Lightning doesn’t onslaught twice, either – erstwhile you’ve been struck once, determination volition beryllium a chill down earlier you tin beryllium struck again. 

The Flare Gun returns to Fortnite from the Vault with this update arsenic well. 

“Don’t permission it up to conscionable lightning to commencement fires,” Epic Games says. “With this hotfix, the Flare Gun has been unvaulted. So present successful summation to Firefly Jars, you tin spark Flare Guns to marque usage of spreading flames. Find Flare Guns successful chests, connected the ground, and from Supply Drops.” 

Finally, Epic Games says Fortnite is present successful “Tornado Week.” During this event, which runs until January 17, there’s a higher percent accidental you’ll brushwood tornadoes connected the land for their debut successful the game. 

If you haven’t checked retired Fortnite arsenic of late, now’s a large clip to bash truthful arsenic Spider-Man, web-slinging, and much person joined the combat with Chapter 3. Plus, if you’re a Cobra Kai fan, you tin present enactment immoderate of Fortnite’s archetypal characters successful either Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang, oregon Miyagi-Do outfits.

Are you excited astir this update? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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