Far Cry 6's Pagan Min Roguelike DLC Set To Release Next Week

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Far Cry 6 was released past October, and portion the basal crippled offered dozens of hours of FPS enactment gameplay, Ubisoft upped the ante by committing to escaped contented drops and 3 paid DLCs. 

Some of the escaped DLC includes Los Pollos Hermanos and Heisenberg outfits from Breaking Bad, while the archetypal paid DLC, dubbed Vaas’ Insanity, gave players the accidental to play arsenic the infamous villain from Far Cry 3. Vaas’ Insanity was the archetypal portion of a villain-focused trilogy included successful the Far Cry 6 play walk that costs $40. The 2nd villainous DLC volition prima Far Cry 4’s Pagan Min, and now, Ubisoft announced that it’s coming adjacent week. 

More specifically, it volition spell unrecorded connected January 11. Like the Vaas acquisition earlier it and the forthcoming Joseph Seed DLC coming aft it, this Pagan Min-focused occurrence called Pagan: Control is simply a rogue-like acquisition that sees the Troy Baker-voiced villain “struggling to flight the horrors of their ain minds.” You volition dice a batch and retry a lot, Ubisoft promises. 

You statesman with a pistol and indispensable find caller weapons and powers to advancement done Pagan Min’s mind. You’ll beryllium capable to springiness this acquisition a spell successful 5 days connected January 11. 

For more, work astir the different DLC offerings you tin expect successful Far Cry 6, and past cheque retired our thoughts connected the crippled successful Game Informer’s Far Cry 6 review. Read astir the Vaas’ Insanity DLC aft that. 

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