E3 2022 Will Be Online-Only Again Due To COVID-19 Concerns

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It looks similar E3 2022 volition travel successful the footsteps of past year’s amusement by being a digital-only event. Although the anticipation aft 2021 was a instrumentality to an in-person gathering astatine the Los Angeles Convention Center (with adjacent the city’s politician crossing his fingers), the ongoing pandemic has nixed those plans. 

In a connection to Venture Beat, posted below, the ESA confirmed that the coronavirus remains a large issue so it’s playing it harmless for 1 much year:

“Due to the ongoing wellness risks surrounding COVID-19 and its imaginable interaction connected the information of exhibitors and attendees, E3 volition not beryllium held successful idiosyncratic successful 2022. We are nevertheless excited astir the aboriginal of E3 and look guardant to announcing much details soon.”

As we each know, the pandemic is inactive precise overmuch a thing, particularly with the Omicron variant moving rampant. This isn’t the biggest daze successful the satellite but inactive disappointing for fans, developers, and media hoping to reconnect successful person this June. Since the pandemic started, E3 has been canceled outright successful 2020 and the 2021 variation saw the lawsuit unfold done a bid of livestreams and integer meetings held connected the ESA’s website. If thing else, it'll beryllium absorbing to spot however the ESA iterates connected past year's approach. 

[Source: Venture Beat]

Are you disappointed astir E3 going integer for 1 much year? What improvements to past year's amusement would you similar to see? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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