Doggo Photography Game Pupperazzi Arrives This Month

2 years ago 455

The cleverly named Pupperazzi, a cute crippled astir taking snapshots of doggos that appeared during last August’s ID@Xbox Showcase, has a merchandise date. Best of all, it’s coming successful conscionable a mates of weeks – January 20 to beryllium exact.

Does the thought of Pokémon Snap but with dogs entreaty to you? Pupperazzi has you covered. Armed with your trusty camera, you’ll seizure a assortment of canine breeds successful a satellite seemingly populated with thing but canines. You’ll drawback them doing each mode of unusual things, similar jamming to music, riding bicycles (somehow), oregon executing death-defying skateboard tricks. You tin adorn pups successful antithetic outfits and upgrade your camera to seizure better, much dynamic photos. Watch the astir caller gameplay trailer beneath if you request thing to cheer you up.

Pupperazzi is slated for Xbox consoles and PC and is coming to Xbox Game Pass (console and PC) astatine launch. If photography games are your jam, here’s a handy database of akin titles aimed to delight the shutterbug successful you.

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