Covid-19 testing in the time of omicron: Everything you need to know

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With omicron infections surging astir the world, galore countries are changing their coronavirus investigating guidelines to amended woody with the caller variant and the immense fig of cases it is causing. Here's what you request to know.

Health 10 January 2022

By Clare Wilson

A idiosyncratic   drops solution   onto a lateral travel  trial  for covid-19

Lateral travel tests whitethorn beryllium little apt to observe the omicron variant

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Can you trial affirmative for covid-19 without being infectious?

Even if you person had 3 doses of coronavirus vaccine, a affirmative lateral travel trial (LFT) effect means you are infectious to different radical due to the fact that microorganism macromolecule is contiguous successful ample quantities successful your chemoreceptor oregon throat. For that, the microorganism indispensable beryllium actively multiplying wrong your cells.

However, PCR tests proceed to springiness affirmative results for days to weeks aft an infection, due to the fact that they tin observe tiny quantities of the virus’s familial material, which aren’t needfully infectious.

How person investigating rules changed?

Many countries person lessened their restrictions for radical with covid-19 since the commencement of the surge caused by the omicron variant. In the UK, the isolation play for infected radical has been chopped from 10 days to seven – arsenic agelong arsenic you get a antagonistic effect connected 2 LFTs, besides known arsenic accelerated antigen tests. These indispensable beryllium done connected days six and seven, and carried retired astatine slightest 24 hours apart. People should stay cautious astir others and debar those who are vulnerable, though.

Could the isolation play beryllium shortened further?

In the US, the isolation play has been cut to 5 days for radical who person nary symptoms oregon whose symptoms are connected the wane, though you should inactive deterioration a disguise astir different radical for a further 5 days. The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) says it has nary plans to travel suit, and that the situation successful the 2 countries is different. In the UK, the isolation “clock” begins connected the time of a affirmative trial oregon the archetypal time of symptoms, whichever is first. In the US, it starts connected the archetypal time of a affirmative trial and, due to the fact that these tin instrumentality respective days to access, “day five” is apt to autumn aboriginal connected successful the progression of an infection.

Why bash immoderate radical inactive trial affirmative connected time 7 adjacent though they consciousness well?

Symptoms whitethorn not bespeak however overmuch microorganism is contiguous successful a person’s pharynx oregon chemoreceptor – they could person replicating microorganism but nary symptoms and vice versa. “There’s immense saltation successful the magnitude of infection, and immense variations successful viral load,” says Al Edwards astatine the University of Reading, UK.

The UKHSA estimates that between 10 and 30 per cent of radical volition inactive beryllium affirmative astatine time six – and that 5 per cent of radical volition inactive beryllium affirmative astatine time 10, though the guidance says you nary longer person to isolate connected time 11, nary substance what your LFT results show.

How astir confirmatory PCR tests?

In the UK, radical who trial affirmative by LFT volition nary longer request to instrumentality a follow-up PCR test, a impermanent alteration coming into effect connected 11 January. This is due to the fact that inheritance levels of covid-19 are truthful precocious – with astir 1 successful 15 radical infected successful the past week of December – that a affirmative LFT effect is apt to beryllium correct, the authorities has said.

Does this mean we tin conscionable trust connected LFTs now?

No. Anyone successful the UK with covid-19 symptoms but a antagonistic LFT effect indispensable inactive instrumentality a PCR trial to regularisation retired an infection, due to the fact that LFTs person excessively precocious a complaint of false negatives – telling idiosyncratic they are covid-19 escaped erstwhile they truly are infected – to trust connected them if you person symptoms. There are respective reasons wherefore LFTs are prone to mendacious negatives, including radical failing to swab their chemoreceptor oregon pharynx decently and failing to premix the swab good with the investigating fluid, says Edwards. “LFTs are lone capable to observe ample amounts of virus.”

Are mendacious negatives much apt with omicron?

Opinions differ. The UKHSA says archetypal investigations suggest that LFTs are as delicate to omicron arsenic they are to the delta variant that was predominant successful astir countries until December, though it is continuing further tests. But the US Food and Drug Administration has said LFTs whitethorn beryllium less delicate astatine detecting omicron.

It is imaginable that LFTs that lone impact swabbing the chemoreceptor whitethorn beryllium much apt to springiness mendacious antagonistic results for omicron, due to the fact that immoderate studies person suggested that this variant is much apt to scope high levels successful saliva earlier it does successful nasal mucus. One precise small US survey enactment online past week suggests that successful omicron infections, microorganism levels peaked successful saliva 1 oregon 2 days earlier they did successful nasal mucus, though this investigation included lone 5 people.

“Omicron mightiness beryllium exacerbating that differential, wherever you person your pharynx and your salivary specimens turning affirmative earlier,” says Michael Mina astatine US investigating institution eMed. A study from South Africa besides recovered that saliva swabs were mostly much delicate than nasal swabs for omicron, whereas it is the other signifier for the delta variant.

Should we power to utilizing pharynx swabs implicit nasal swabs?

Opinions disagree determination too. In the UK, LFTs made by Innova instruct users to instrumentality pharynx and nasal swabs, portion others lone usage nasal swabs. In the US, lone nasal LFTs are available, truthful radical are little utilized to taking pharynx swabs. “If astatine each possible, enactment your swab successful some your pharynx and nasal cavities,” Deenan Pillay astatine University College London said astatine past week’s gathering of Independent SAGE, an autarkic radical of scientists successful the UK. “If the swabs are shorter, instrumentality your fingers successful much to get to the backmost of the throat.”

But Edwards says radical should lone usage tests precisely arsenic instructed. “If you alteration the mode you usage a test, it doesn’t conscionable the manufacturer’s requirements. [Lower levels successful the nose] are astir apt not going to marque that overmuch quality to however close the tests are. Most radical volition beryllium either not infected oregon volition person tons of virus. We should instrumentality to doing tests the due way.”

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