Arizona GOP Senate Candidate Releases Shameful Ad Where He Declares Let’s Go Brandon

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Jim Lamon, a affluent businessman who is moving for Senate successful Arizona, made his plea for Trump’s emotion with an advertisement declaring Let’s Go Brandon.

Jim  Lamon Releases The Most Disrespectful Ad Of 2022 (So Far)

Here is the ad:

Jim Lamon, Republican moving for Senate successful Arizona and angling for an endorsement from Trump (who is visiting the authorities this week), is up with a caller TV advertisement that ends with him declaring, "Let's spell Brandon!"

The affluent businessman has a $1 cardinal advertisement bargain implicit the adjacent month.

— Jacob Rubashkin (@JacobRubashkin) January 11, 2022

To accidental that this advertisement was ill-advised would beryllium a gross understatement. The information that Lamon is lighting 1 cardinal dollars connected occurrence to tally this advertisement suggests that helium sees it arsenic an concern to rise his illustration among the close and get the endorsement of Trump.

The advertisement itself is utterly moronic.

Jim Lamon is moving connected being mad. He is besides moving connected “stopping the penetration astatine the border,” which should beryllium casual due to the fact that determination is nary penetration astatine the border. Lamon is besides moving connected “election integrity” and claiming that Democrats are rigging elections, but mostly, helium is huffy astatine Joe Biden for getting much votes than Donald Trump.

Republicans are moving connected thing but elector anger.

The GOP’s slogan is “We lost, and we’re truly huffy about.”

What volition Jim Lamon bash astir COVID, oregon inflation, oregon immoderate of the different problems facing the nation?

Judging from his ad, helium volition bash thing but spell to the Senate and beryllium mad.

Republicans are banking connected an aggravated electorate successful November, and they are moving connected thing else. Arizona has moved into purple authorities category, truthful it is doubtful that an advertisement similar this volition work.

The advertisement shows that Republicans person nothing, and if ostentation and the pandemic amended by the fall, they volition beryllium successful large trouble.

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